Non Profit T Shirts

Reaching the fund raising goals that you set as a charity can be a difficult task. We can help you with custom t shirts. Non-profit groups normally rely on donations and the charitable contributions they receive to keep their doors open and reach their organization’s charitable objectives. The struggle that a non-profit faces is even more difficult than an ordinary business. You are faced with all the expenses of a normal for profit business yet lack the diverse revenue stream a for profit business has. Now you have the opportunity to change that.

We provide the design and production of non-profit t shirts in custom orders. No order is too large. Have an upcoming event? Diversify your revenue by having a custom non profit t shirts table with as many colors and designs and sizes as you can design and imagine. Make a specific t shirt for that event – one that your donors can proudly wear as a reminder of the good they have done and a reminder to donate again. Non profit t-shirts are a constant but subtle reminder to your donor to get out their checkbook and give again. Non-profit groups are always on the lookout for creative and unique fundraising methods. Since the majority of non-profits must rely on their ongoing outside fundraising and revenue sources, it is not uncommon that a single unsuccessful fundraising campaign can destroy your organization's budget for the entire year. With our custom non profit t shirt screen printing services we can be your strategic supplier and ensure that you have every chance to meet and exceed your revenue goals for your events. Using custom t-shirts for a non-profit to reach their revenue goals has become a major activity for many organizations. Bring your organization into this exciting non profit activity today with our assistance.

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