Custom Vests

Would you like to be able to quickly identify members of your group and staff? Custom vests by Volcano Prints will allow you to easily do this for both safety and advertising reasons. Leisure groups can find each other easily and companies can assist their customers by having staff stand out from the crowd. These vests are great for amusement park visits, field trips for schools and daycares, family reunions or team events. They are also great for many company uses such as in hospitals or other large buildings with different types of crews. They are also great for parking lot attendants or convention staff members. What better way to advertise your staff than with a low cost Custom Vest! How many of you have seen groups with matching T Shirts out at events. Our vests are a lower cost option. Vests can make your group feel special and your staff feel united.

Custom vests can be worn over any type of clothing or uniform. They are comfortable in very hot weather where a T Shirt may be too warm. Vests can also be worn over a coat in cold weather. Your group or staff can wear their own individual clothing and still be recognized. Vests are more economical than uniforms and very comfortable. It is fun to be part of a group at a large outing. This is an easy and fun way to stand out. Companies will benefit by having staff seen and your logo can be added for advertising purposes!

Please complete our convenient online Request Quote form. Vests are a low cost option to make your group or staff seen! They come in different sizes. We offer various shipping options including rush shipping and payment by credit card or PayPal. Please read the reviews and testimonials from our customers. We are BBB certified. No job is too large, but we do have a minimum order of 12. You can choose the color of the vests and the color, size and style of the printing. You can even have different colors and printing for the same event if you would like which is great for team events. The price of the vests is very reasonable, but the safety and recognition of your group or staff is priceless! Please place your online order today to help your company stand out or your group to be seen. Once you try it, you will love it and your staff or group will appreciate you for it!

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